What we have done in the USA

  • Prepared and served over 34,200 meals to the poor and homeless

  • Distributed 21,600 LBS of clothes

  • Served 49, 680 bottles of water

  • Feed and clothe over 400 individuals monthly

  • Issued more than 1,500 pieces of reading materials

  • Conduct several Bible studies throughout each calendar year

  • Assisted many to overcome drugs and obtain employmen

Plans for 2018

  • Continue feeding of the Poor and Homeless 

  • Provide and support new leaders across America and the globe who are interested in serving the poor in their communities.

  • Conduct workshops for Churches and organizations desirous of having and engaging an active outreach program.

  • Reaching many schools on all levels, law enforcement agencies and private outreach clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc), interested in enrolling individuals in community service programs, to fulfill curriculum or service requirements..

  • Will be in relentless pursuit of obtaining housing and various counseling services for the homeless

  • Ensuring that all homeless are aware of services currently available to them, and that they understand how to obtain them.

  • Continue locating and replacing/refurbishing Primary schools needing repair in poor areas locally and abroad.

  • Continue support of existing projects and evaluating new requests we constantly receive.

  • Securing weather resistant housing , delivery and installation for Haiti and Bahamas.

  • Renovate/Replace portable primary schools in the Caribbean, starting with Jamaica.

  • Building water wells in tribal areas of India.

  • Building more wells in Africa.

  • Acquiring more land for growing crops in Kenya.

  • Building wells, farms and chicken growth in India.

What we've done Internationally

  • Visited, bought office equipment, school supplies and built benches for 125 poor school kids – Pakistan

  • Raised funds to increase the salaries of 5 poorly paid teachers – Pakistan

  • Visited, bought, prepared and served food, provided medical services, delivered over 4,000 toys and 15,000 lbs. of clothes for Churches and individuals, by traveling to many poor villages for hand to hand distribution- Haiti

  • Built a house, provided clothes and food for a paraplegic boy and his family-Philippines

  • Provided and will continue to provide support to poor children and families in several tribal villages – India

  • Face-lift projects on primary schools in need of great repair, past and ongoing (Visit page to learn about current projects). We also care of motherless children.

  • Foster parent opportunities presently available. Contact us for details. – Jamaica, West Indies

  • Jigger extractions (play video on page to become familiar) from the feet and hands of the poor. Once they return to normalcy, those who are competitive, are placed on soccer teams. We presently have 14 teams in 7 villages. First 2 matches in 5 weeks had over 1,000 attendees. Presently getting soccer uniforms for more professional presence and village participation. – Kenya, Africa.

  • Provided shoes for poor village children who are wearing shoes for the first time, provided school uniforms, school supplies and currently taking care of 3 orphans.

  • Foster parent opportunities available.Apply now.  Kenya, Africa.

  • Built water well and growing food bearing crops – Kenya, Africa.

How you Can Help

Our Ft. Lauderdale homeless visits are engaging, and continues to attract more individuals who are compassionate toward the poor and homeless each month, who enjoys providing services to them.

During our monthly visits, we serve freshly prepared foods, fruits, distribute sanitary kits, books, Bibles, drinks, blankets  and clothes to over 375 individuals monthly. We plan fun time events such as birthday parties, makeovers and more for them as well. 

Part of our work involves taking care of requests for prayer, whether in groups or individually. We sit with, pray, cry, fellowship and talk with, at times for the whole day! We’ve made many friends here on the streets in this city.

Our Ft. Lauderdale mission is comprised of many volunteers who are passionate about serving. As we continue to grow, we continue to count on your support for continued success. Become a monthly sponsor whether local to our sites, or  located across the miles. Click the JOIN OUR TEAM button and lets make a difference in the lives of others together. Connect with us now!

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